What Product Would Sell Online
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What Products Would Sell Online

LOW COST PRODUCT and LOW COST SHIPPING coupled with low to no competition and a high consumer demand equals HUGE PROFITS.

What Type of Products Do Consumers Want
It is time to decide on a product and create a selling strategy. Brainstorm with friends, write down all the ideas that come to mind, what products have you tried lately that were unique, useful, light in weight and not widely known. This would be a good start, if you liked the product enough to buy it, then there is a good chance more people may like the product enough to buy it as well. It would be even better if it is a local manufacturer or wholesaler of the product that is not yet marketing or selling on the Internet.

Talk to the the manufacturer or wholesaler and see if you can work out an arrangement where you can distribute their products exclusively. It would be better for you to come up with a written agreement to exclusivity on the product for certain areas and a minimum time frame where others can not sell or market the product online. This could be an exclusive distributor agreement for Canada, USA, International or all of these. Good idea to make an agreement for two years or more, where you are an exclusive distributor or wholesaler. You don't want to get the product established on the Internet, only to have some other people come in and reap benefits from all the marketing and branding you have put in place.

Don't Be Selling Shipping Services
I mentioned LIGHT IN WEIGHT previously as this can be a deal breaker when selling online or selling anywhere other than your local geographic area. You don't want to be trying to sell the extra cost of shipping your products as well. So make sure to work with products that are easy to ship, whether it be weight costs or any other negative drawback such as product type. Products such as live plants, certain food products, etc. will make the shipping process more costly and difficult.

Attracting Customers to Your Products
First you will need an ecommerce capable web site if you do not already have one. A business properly setup in the first place is less likely to fail. Your current web designer or web hosting provider may be able to help you with this, if not, contact us to get you ecommerce store setup up immediately. Now you will need to have your ecommerce business setup with product prices, images and information. Contact, company policy and any other information needed to let the customer know what you sell, how to order online or how to get in contact with you for customer support should also be added.

We can advise you on any text updates or changes that may be needed to optimize your online store for better returns to your store web site from the search engines. This process is ongoing as you acquire additional products or to keep ahead of any competitors that may be ahead of you or creeping from behind in the search returns. Another inexpensive and fast way to get customers to your site is with the Google AdWords program. Contact us for detailed information on Googles advertising services or visit the Google AdWords web site.

To find out more about what products consumers are searching for and purchasing, use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool. Place a one or two keyword term and analyze the search returns.

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