Calgary Online Business Solutions

Calgary Online Business Solutions

How to keep your company web site simple, organized and easy to use!

To help keep your website fresh and interesting to your visitors or potential customers, we provide solutions for ecommerce store design and redesign. Specific services include ecommerce shopping cart setup and database development, website layout, flash interfaces and logo design. We work closely with you on designing, creating and iimplementing a website that works efficiently and one that is customized to highlight your business online.

Ecommerce Store Design

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Programs In 1997, we built our first ecommerce online store. Over the years, we have added to our expertise with experience and information on how to develop and market products/services using the ecommerce online store model. Before starting up your first ecommerce store, or updating your current store front design, we offer consultation on many important technical elements and options. Feel free to contact us at to discuss your ecommerce shopping cart requirements.

Which Online Store Program is best for my business?
For someone starting their first online store or a professional business moving onto the Internet, the osCommerce® shopping cart program is highly recommended. This program is FREE to download, easy to use once installed; primary investment cost is hosting the store. There are many store templates and application modules available to suit the look and needs of a professional retail or wholesale business.

Other Ecommerce Shopping Cart Programs
Besides recommending the osCommerce® shopping cart program, we are also experienced in implementing the following ecommerce solutions: ShopSite® Shopping Cart Software ($$$), MIVA Merchant™ ($$), and we are also an official Canada Post Sell Online™ Partner.

You are welcome to contact us for further information about these shopping cart programs.

Shopping Cart System   How to choose the Best Shopping Cart System for your online store needs.

Calgary Web Design

Our web designs are custom developed to your specific needs. We are known for offering our clients the best value in web and full ecommerce capability.

We begin by discussing the concept, outline, as well as the purpose of the website. Will the information on your site be for promoting or advertising your products and services, or will it be an informational or marketing website. Then we talk about other important elements that include the site's color scheme, menus and content (text), and any areas of the site you would like to highlight or emphasize.

For a business with an ecommerce store, we also go through the premlinary outline with you for the web site, as well as what and how many products or services you would like to promote and sell to your potential customers. Marketing services are also recommended to remind customers of sales or specials on products.

Building a new web site   Building a new web site or redesigning your current site --- adding content and improving design.

Appropriate Content is King   Appropriate content is king, watch out for the joker.

Affordable Calgary Web Design   Affordable Calgary web design --- custom built web sites to suit your company needs.

Custom Web Design Services   Custom web design services --- web page slicing, repeating css backgrounds.

Calgary Internet Marketing

Increase your online presence and boost your business returns. Your business can become more popular with our internet marketing, promotion and copy writing services.

Has your SEO / SEM company done Search Engine Optimization for Google.CA, Google.COM or both. What Canadians see and what Americans see in Google are not always the same search results.

Increase your customer traffic and website sales with higher search engine rankings. Get listed, submit, get involved, add fresh content and play fair.

Logo Design

Our process for creating a logo design is simple. We can begin with any ideas you may have sketched on paper and/or from a textual description. Next, the services or products you sell or promote are entered into the picture, and most importantly, what people need to think, feel or remember when they see your company logo design.

Calgary Flash Design

We offer design for Flash navigation menus and animated page elements to your website.

Flash involves using highly technical movie elements, special graphical or photographic effects, with sound or music that can be published to an Internet format.

Typically, an entire Flash site tends to be more costly to build, maintain, ranks lower in search engines than non-Flash websites and can sometimes load slowly in Internet browsers.

But you can still have a Flash flavor added to your new or existing web site by incorporating a Flash menu or graphical elements. This can set your site above the competition and add to your company look without slowing down your site's functionality.