Ecommerce Shopping Cart System
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Choosing the Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart System

The ecommerce shopping cart program is the backbone of new or existing online store business. Careful thought should be put in selecting the most suitable ecommerce cart solution for online store success. We have provided the main components that will help in choosing the best shop cart fit for the ecommerce store.

Shopping Cart Programs

Shipping Abilities

The shipping ability may be the most overlooked yet important function of an online business operation. If not implemented properly, the ecommerce cart's ability to handle shipping could incur extra cost, as in NO SALES. The shop cart must be able to work in conjunction with Canada Post (Canadian Stores), UPS® or FedEx®, to give you instant shipping rate costs based on weight, destination and packaging. As an official Canada Post Sell Online™ Partner, We are able to integrate your Canada Post shipping account into the Zen Cart™ and osCommerce® shopping cart system.

PLEASE NOTE: If your shipping and handling costs to the customer are out of line in comparison to the cost of the product(s) they are buying, your store will experience Shopping Cart Abandonment. DO NOT try to make your profit from shipping costs as you will end up making fewer sales and less profit. Also, shipping charges should be brought in at the right time within the checkout procedure as to not discourage or startle your customers buying cycle. Shipping charges could be added after they enter their State/Province information, but you may have to experiment to find the correct balance.

Payment Processing

Processing online store purchases smoothly is key to increased sales and customer satisfaction. There are many companies that offer "payment gateways" and the bank your company currently deals with may offer online merchant solutions. osCommerce® is rated tops over most programs in being able to integrate many different "payment gateways" or merchant accounts.

We can assist you in looking at the options available, whether your "payment gateway" is Moneris® or PayPal®. You may also choose to manually process orders on an existing merchant account through your bank, a slower process, but you will have total control of the process. There are many more variables to consider, such as sales tax system and currency types, depending on whether the company will take part in local, national, international or global business. We are also available to answer your merchant account questions to help understand correct payment processing proceedures.

Ecommerce Cart Capabilities

How many products will your company be selling, 10, 100 or 1000? How many products will the company be adding in the future? Ecommerce shopping cart programs are built upon databases. The commerce cart you choose should be able to expand as your business expands. Who will look after maintenance of online store? A couple of options: we can provide online store maintenance services, or you could maintain the store yourself by adding, changing or deleting products and updating prices.

The ecommerce cart program you choose should have a user friendly back end for you to be able to operate your ecomeerce store at your convenience. The osCommerce®, ShopSite® and MIVA Merchant™ online store systems are designed to work for you. After initial design (look and feel) and setup (initial database and ecommerce program), you are ready to operate your own online ecommerce store. Bottom line is: CUSTOMER SERVICE. The shopping cart system you choose has to be easy for your customer to use, or they will get impatient and move on to another ecommerce web site that is easier to buy from.

Easy Online Shopping

ATTENTION all online store owners, building your customer confidence is VERY IMPORTANT. Be prepared to answer questions either by phone, fax or e-mail in a timely manner. The ecommerce shopping cart system and store front design are tools and are intended to make the buying or shopping process "easy" for your potential customers. Traditional practices, such as providing assistance to your customer, and answering their concerns and/or questions are very important. Your online store, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and customer service will encourage your customers to continue to do business with your company now and in the future.

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