Search Engine Optimization for Google
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Search Engine Optimization for Google

We are often asked to optimize a client's website for search engine ranking in Google. If your web site or ecommerce business is in Canada and you are targeting business in the United States as well as in Canada, then you will need to optimize your website for both Canada and the United States. This would also apply to American business trying to get customers in Canada from Google as .COM and .CA do not necessarily return the same search results.

The DEFAULT landing page in Google for all people accessing the Internet from a CANADIAN Internet service provider is Google.CA. For people in the United States accessing the Internet from an AMERICAN Internet service provider the Google DEFAULT landing page is Google.COM.

Google likely does this to separate search returns that are relevant for the particular country you are accessing Internet service from. This is actually good for most instances but check a few phrases for your particular business product and service in both .CA and .COM url addresses and see how the results are returned.

What Canadians see and what Americans see are usually not the same results. We tested search returns for quite a few different phrases from .CA and .COM.

Try a few different phrases in both url addresses and see the difference in search returns. You may have to click on the links we have provided below as Google will default to .CA for Canadian web surfers. Remember, if you place the city, province in the search phrase, then the returns will likely be similar in both .CA and .COM, such as "Calgary Internet Marketing" or "Alberta Internet Marketing". Now try "Internet Marketing" in both the .CA and .COM. You will likely see more Canadian companies in the .CA first page returns and more American companies in the .COM first page returns.

Testing a few SIMILIAR search returns WITH and WITHOUT City in phrase: Try it for yourself in .CA and .COM. How to Optimize Your Website for Particular Country

There isn't much information available on how Google actually separates the Canada and USA search returns, but a few variables as listed below may be weighting factors.

You may need to check back with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) company that did your present or previous internet marketing and find out if they have optimized your website for search returns in .CA, .COM or both.

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