Calgary Logo Design

Calgary Logo Design

Product or Service Logo Branding

The brand or logo of your company is a representation of the company product or service.

To make an outstanding design for your logo, there are some important elements to consider when creating your logo: shape, font type, lettering, color, design scheme and simplicity.

Logo Design Process

Our process for creating logo concepts is simple. We begin with logo concepts and ideas you have sketched on paper and/or from textual description. Next, the services or products you sell or promote are entered into the picture, and most importantly, what people need to think, feel or remember when they see your logo.

For example, the Raven Art logo was quite interesting as we studied the Haida artistry of the Pacific Coast Aboriginal culture before design took place. The initial Haida logo concept was drawn on paper for us and we studied in depth the colors and shapes, particularly of the whale and raven. The final logo design was most satisfying for our client and ourselves.

Raven Art logo

Logo Ready for Web Site and Print

The completed logo is outputted for use on your website and print media. We could customize the sizing for your website logo as well as maintain the background transparency of existing web page. For print, we output to EPS, CMYK file format, and can create formatting to required sizing and application. Feel free to call us and discuss your requirements of your new company or business logo or re-design of current logo.