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Calgary Internet Marketing

Many people want to buy your products or services, but they can't find you in the search engines. Higher search engine rankings will increase your customer traffic. With proper site conversion processes in place, your web site sales will increase.

This is an ideal situation, so how do we get to this level. Listed are 5 steps to get your site up to par for the journey ahead. The journey to business success.
  1. Get your web site into all the primary search engines
    Find sites that would complement your business and send polite e-mails to have your site added somewhere on their site. Preferably you would want to be placed on a web page that has fewer outgoing links as this adds to the authority of your company link. Also, use keyword rich anchor text in your link as Search engines give relevance to the text used in links.
  2. Submit your web site to directory sites
    Submit to FREE local, national and interest specific directories. Again make sure the pages you will be found on are professional in nature and don't have more than 20 outgoing links.
  3. Get involved with the online community
    Get yourself involved in forums and blogs that are relevant to your business. This is considered to be Social Marketing and is very popular, all you have to do is share what you know and people will usually reciprocate.
  4. Fresh informative service and product content
    You will need to write about your business, your products, why your products are of benefit to your potential customer, and on and on. Once you get the customer to your web site, the site conversion process takes effect, make sure their is a process in place.
  5. Be honest and play fair
    This goes with the search engines and with your customers. Use White Hat or honest search engine page optimizing practices. Read the terms and conditions of each search engine and directory where your web site is added. These are business as well and they have rules, play by the rules and you will develop solid roots on the Internet and with your customers.

Remember the primary Search Engines monitor EVERYWHERE you leave your mark, this can be good and bad, so think twice before adding a comment or link, in case it comes back to bite you later.

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