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Calgary Web Development

Website Design Concept

What is your web site about. Will the visitor to your site understand what your company does and what product or service it offers. The textual content of your web site should be clear and easy to understand. The images and text used should be relevant to the products that your company is selling online or has available to order. Use terminology that is popular in your specific industry or to the demographic of the expected customer.

Website Navigation

Make it easy for the customer to find product information and products you sell. Use a site map for your web site and make it accessible from every page. Use text in your menus, this will help with search engines and make the navigation process simple for your customer. Graphic navigation can be used in conjunction with text, but make sure to use fonts that are easy to read.

Website Textual Content

More is better when it comes to content. Unfortunately you will be writing for your customers AND the search engines, but keep the focus on readability for the customer. More content is better, but don't ramble on with your words. Your customer wants to see what makes the product special, what the product will do to benefit them, what is the total cost to get this product to them and what protection do they have if there are any problems after the sale. The customer has to feel comfortable doing business with your company and buying your products. Be honest, keep competitive on product pricing, offer outstanding customer service and your online business will thrive.

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