Appropriate Content is King
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Appropriate Content is King, Watch out for the Joker

Do you have duplicate content on your website?

Check your web site content in online programs such as Copyscape and through Google using the exact search quotation marks. Here is an example for Google, place quotation marks around the phrase you are looking for such as, "Appropriate Content is King". Google will come back with all the pages it has indexed with this exact phrase in it.

Copyscape lets you search for duplicate content by pasting your web site url, then it searches through Google. The program then displays the web pages that have a significant degree of duplicate content as your web page. You can check the duplicate text on these pages as the Copyscape program highlights the duplicate content within the pages. The service is FREE for 10 searches per month of a particular domain url, with a return of up to 10 pages per search. The costs are reasonable for additional web searches, check Copyscape web site for more details.

Do you need to be checking your web pages? Yes, as ruthless web thieves may steal your original content and use it on their pages. Google sees the duplicate content as it indexes web sites. If it sees your content on some other web site before your site, it may consider the culprits site as the originator of this content. Google would then penalize or sometimes ban your site if this became a re-occurring situation.

It will be your responsibility to contact the site in question that has stolen your content information, ask them to remove your content or launch a complaint of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement with all the Search Engine Companies to have this site removed from the search engine results.

Contact us if you need any assistance in this matter. We offer consultation and services at reasonable costs to help you get your content back in order. It can be a devastating experience to see your hard work on someone else's site.

Do you have a Service or Product Distributor website?
Are you using content from the Manufacturer's web site?

You are likely getting penalized for duplicate content, although Google possibly goes a little easier on your penalty in this situation. If there are a few distributors of the same products with the same text, then you should update your text content or keep losing your Google ranking.

Here is an example of how things may unfold for your Google ranking. Product manufacturer adds web site with product content to the Internet, site gets indexed by Google. You become the FIRST distributor of their product, you use their product text, you add your site to the Internet, then you get indexed, there are only two web sites with the same information. This situation is not too bad, but as more and more distributors come on board, using the same text, your site ranking loses its edge and gets diluted. The Google ranking and indexing situation is even worse for the Distributor who is coming on board as the Manufacturer's TENTH distributor.

To keep your rankings high in Google and other search engines, ORIGINAL CONTENT should be created for the products and services you are distributing. As mentioned previously, monitoring your original content in the search engines is also important as some people may borrow a little here and there until it all starts adding up and diluting your site page ranking and status in the search returns.

Keep vigilant with your content, as it is your hard work. Use free monitoring and copy writing resources where you can and don't be afraid to get some paid help if you need text copy written or original content removed from someone else's web site.

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