Calgary Web Design

Calgary Web Design

IR Design, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has been involved with business web sites and ecommerce online store design projects since 1997. We have a proven record of building corporate, business and ecommerce websites that are affordable and work for our customers. Your company web design not only has to look great, it also has to persuade online visitors into becoming customers of goods and services. We provide professional calgary web design services suited to your exact requirements, from web site concept to content.

Calgary Internet Marketing

Are you targeting business customers in the USA as well as in Canada, then you will need to do search engine optimization of your site for both countries, as search results are different between Google.COM and Google.CA.

Many people want to buy your products or services, but they can't find you in the search engines. Optimize your website for ranking in the search engines. Higher search engine rankings will increase your customer traffic. With proper site conversion processes in place, your web site sales will increase. Would you like to be attracting more potential customers to your products?

Affordable Web Design

Looking for a custom web design to suit your company requirements and needs. To help get you started, we have the Affordable Web Design Package at $450.00 that is low cost, yet looks pleasing and professional. Every web site we build is unique and comes complete with phone and e-mail support.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecommerce Shopping Cart The backbone of your online store will be your ecommerce shopping cart. Careful thought should be put into selecting the most suitable ecommerce shopping cart system to make the online store successful. We have provided some ideas that will help in choosing an Ecommerce Shopping Cart System to work effectively with your online store.

Logo Design

Your company logo represents the product and/or services of your business. There are many important graphic and psychological elements to consider when creating a Company Logo Design. What will people think, feel or remember when they see your company logo.

Quality Web Content

By having a well constructed web site, the end product should be the positive response you receive from those who visit your site. Before construction and graphic design can begin, clear goals of the web site must be defined. Your web site can look very appealing and be highly functional, yet if site visitors are not responding by calling, e-mailing inquiries, or making secure, online store purchases of your goods or services, then the site is not working at it's maximum level.

In the market for having a new web site built or a redesign of your current web site. Quality Web Content will give your site an edge over your competition and help your customers make informed purchase decisions.

Is there duplicate content on your website? Do you distribute products for a manufacturer? Find out why appropriate content is king, but you better watch out for the joker.

CSS & XHTML Conformance

We have converted our entire site into valid XHTML and are offering XHTML & CSS web design for new and existing web sites. Each of our CSS XHTML or redesigned projects are hand coded, using valid XHTML and CSS that has been search engine optimized for Google and other major search engines. We also test each web site in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to insure consistency across both popular browser platforms.

We can convert your bloated table web site to a modern Valid CSS XHTML design. Contact us today for more information on affordable web site conversions.

Web Design Mistakes & Annoyances

We have put together a small collection of annoyances and mistakes your web site visitors would appreciate not experiencing.

We take the time to learn about our client's online business goals and needs, then recommend a simple and affordable web solution for measurable results. Contact us to discuss your company's marketing, web and ecommerce design goals. We can customize your website and provide an ecommerce shopping cart solution that is affordable and help convert your visitors into customers.